Thursday, January 20, 2011

No, that's not true.. that's impossible!!

So, apparently I haven't made a blog in about 7 months.. damn, time gets away from you. Anyway, with the podcast up and running I want to get more involved with my blog this year and I have a pretty controversial topic lined up for my return.

So, straight off the bat, I am going to state that the opinion I have here is not aimed at anyone in specific, but may well put some people offside. I'm ok with it.My plea to the wargaming community is this: Stop it with the Games Workshop bashing. Please.

Over the last six months or so I have noticed an underlying theme that everyone, somewhere, has something against GW. Whether it be because of the fact that they don't like the new stormraven, or GW released an FAQ that wasn't to their liking, or that ugly conspiracy of codex creep, everyone wants to have in at bashing GW for something.

Seriously, it's getting old. I don't care that the Blood Angels battleforce has a tactical squad in it - it's still a very decent way to start a BA army. And that's what battleforces are meant to be. A start. I don't care if you think the Stormraven is ugly - it's very Space Marine in design. And, it's not hard to convert these days with the wide variety of plastics we have so if you really hate it, change it. GW hike their prices - get over it. There are ways around paying full retail for product. And if you think it's expensive, go restore 1969 Ford Mustang. Then you can talk about expensive.

I'm not saying that GW are a perfect company, by any means. They've done things that make you facepalm, sure. But they also provide us with our great hobby, a rich fluff history, and some awesome models. Look back at the last twelve months and look at some of the awesome kits theyve provided - BA release, DE release, second wave daemons etc. Just chill out, and be thankful we have W40k in the first place.


At January 21, 2011 at 12:32 AM , Blogger Hexeter said...

You heathen! You disagree with the internet! How DARE you! Your wanton hubris shall not go unpunished! On behalf of the internet I am outraged at your refusal to be a lemming like all the rest of us. You will be hearing from our Attorneys!

That bit of silliness aside, I think the reason why people who play GW Games have such passion about their choices as a Company is because we love the game so much. We all have high ideals and standards that we hold Games Workshop too and sometimes they just cannot live up to our expectations.

It's relatively rare that 'we' (the community) are all gathered under a single banner of WTF. If you look closely you will most often find the anger is very focused to each Individuals likes and or dislikes.

To some extent we, as fans, are obligated to express our disapproval of things simply so that it is taken note of. It is the manner in which we can let GW know that we think they messed something up. Now..that being said, blowing GW up on Forums and Blogs is pretty much just a way to vent. If people really want GW to know what they think they need to use their Email and Phone privileges Contact GW directly. Otherwise they're all just "pissin in the wind".


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